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We know from experience that starting a church is hard work and that is why APEX wants to come alongside you to provide the support and training you need. There will be lots of questions so we have done our best to answer some of those questions here.

What does APEX Churches do?

APEX Churches is here to assess candidates, train and coach church planters, and network new planters with experienced BBFI pastors and leaders.


What is the process?

The process is Pre-Assessment, Assessment, Cohort Training (training/coaching), and Connection (networking).


How long does the process take?

You can begin the application process any time. Pre-assessment begins following receipt of your application. Assessment takes place twice per year, March and October. Many of our church planters are already establishing churches while going through the process.


Does APEX provide financial support?

Yes. There is a separate financial application process to apply for financial support. Within the financial support application, you will be asked to agree to the following:

  1. Baptist Bible Fellowship Articles of Faith

  2. Submit a Pastor's Recommendation (BBFI Church)

  3. Agree to pay it forward with a $25/month contribution to the BBFI Missions Office

  4. Support other APEX church plants when budget allows

  5. Attendance at State/National Fellowship Meetings

  6. Assessment by APEX or another recognized group

  7. Participation in the training cohort

The financial support application will also request the following information:

  1. Amount of support requested

  2. Sending/Sponsoring church

  3. Assessment group (APEX, NAMB, etc.)

  4. Assessment results

  5. Business prospectus

  6. Local BBF affiliation


What is pre-assessment?

The pre-assessment is an application that includes surveys, self-assessment tools, confidential interviews (marriage and financial profiles), and personal references.


What is assessment?

Assessment takes place in person with other church planters and church leaders. We will get to know you, your calling, character, communication style, marriage, ministry model, business prospectus, and leadership abilities. This is also an opportunity for you to speak with experienced leaders and church planters, one on one, who can help you move forward with your church plant and personal growth. The assessment will conclude with a status of approved, approved with conditions, or not approved at this time.


If I'm approved at assessment, what happens next?

With an approved status following assessment, you will have the opportunity to join an online training cohort, you will be recognized as an approved APEX church planter at the next National BBF meeting, and you will be able to seek financial support.


What is a cohort?

The cohort is a 1-year training over 11 church planting core competencies. The coaching and training will come from experienced church planters and pastors. The cohort meets online twice a month via Zoom or another online meeting network. 

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