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Serving In Your Passion

We are good at some things, bad at some things, we excel at some things, and there are some things for which we are uniquely made. Discovering what a church planter is uniquely made for is a vital part of the APEX Training Cohort. We discuss this topic throughout the training process. When we are serving in our place of passion, the clock doesn’t matter. We don’t think about food, and we are focused on the task at hand.

In addition to our passion, the Lord assembles a team of people to help in the disciple making process. These team members also have talents, gifts, and experiences. This is referred to as collective potential in Will Mancini’s book, Church Unique.

Then there is the community where the ministry is taking place. Who are these people? Where do they work, play, and live? What needs do they have? Knowing their spiritual, emotional, economic, and social needs is important. This is referred to as their local predicament.

When the church planter merges his passion with the skills and abilities of their team, it is then that they make the greatest impact in the community in which the Lord has called them. Answering the question, “What makes you different from 10,000 other churches?” is how the church planter does the greatest good for the Lord and the community he has been called to serve.

We encourage the planter to be the church for the community and not just in the community because that church has the greatest opportunity for Kingdom impact.

What are you passionate about?

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