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2023 Goals

Take time to read, pray, listen to the Lord and follow His leading in your life as you prepare for the new year. Remember, New Year's Day is not a person, but a marker for our own use. What does the Lord want you to accomplish in the year ahead? What did He teach you in the last year? Who have you met that has added value to your life? What books have you read that have helped? What have you learned or been reminded of in the last year that has helped you?

Bringing others into the conversation is also very helpful to our continued growth. We all have blind spots and having others speak into our lives is both fruitful and insightful. It takes a level of humility to ask others for help, but it helps us be better.

Pay attention to what the Lord is teaching you and where he is leading you. The journey He has you on is the life worth living. Our goal should be to accomplish all that He has for us. We will experience highs and lows, disappointments and successes, strengths and weaknesses and the Lord will be with us every step of the way. He has promised us life (John 10:10), so let’s go fulfill his plan!

I pray you will enjoy the journey the Lord has you on, and that your faith will increase as you see his good hand on your life and ministry.

Enjoy the Journey,

Terry Kizer

2023 Goals:

Personal Goals

Marriage Goals

Family Goals

Financial Goals

Ministry Goals

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